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Parent Involvement


Parent involvement is essential to the success of students at WHCP. Parents are encouraged to be involved in a in school life in a number of ways, including:


  • Participate in monthly Parent Teacher Organization meetings (PTO). The PTO helps to organize school events and projects, leads school fundraisers, and organizes other parents and teachers to participate in these activities.

  • Assist with school field trips. Parents assist with field trips by driving children to destinations and acting as chaperones.

  • Scheduling and attending student progress report meetings. WHCP offers monthly meetings where parents can meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress. Parents may opt to work with the administration to meet with teachers or the administration at other times, as well. Meeting with teachers to discuss your child’s progress is key to ensuring your child’s success.

  • Participate in school projects and events. WHCP teachers, staff, and students will organize and host events throughout the year. Helping to organize these events, assisting with supplies and resources for these events, and attending these events are all great ways to be involved in student life. Parents may also opt to advise a group of students on a special project.

  • Advise After School Activities. Parents can become advisors for after school student activities. Activities chosen are based on student interest levels and may include: Student Government, a school fundraiser, a Talent Show, Yearbook group, etc.

Parent Teacher Organization


WHCP’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meets regularly to discuss ways for parents to enhance the quality of and resources for student life and learning at WHCP. We invite you to become a PTO leader—organizing school projects, events, and fundraisers and getting other parents and teachers on board to support your work!


If you would like to attend our next PTO meeting, please contact the school office at

Parent & Teacher Meetings


At WHCP, we encourage parents and teachers to communicate about their child’s progress throughout the school year. Healthy parent / teacher partnerships and parents being active in their child’s academic life are key to their child’s success. The following are means for parents to meet with teachers and participate in their child’s progress:


  1. Parent-Teacher Meetings:
    Once a month, all parents are invited to come and talk to teachers about student progress and receive monthly progress reports. Parents are welcome to meet with any teacher. If you plan to attend, requests for which teachers you want to meet with must be made 2-3 days before the meeting. Parent-Teacher meetings will be from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Parents can request alternate times if necessary.

  2. Parent-Teacher Meetings on Request:
    Parents may request a meeting with a teacher at any time through the Director. Teachers may also request meetings with parents and the parents will be notified by the Director.

  3. Mid-Semester Progress Reports:
    Teachers will create a progress report each semester that addresses each child’s academic strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in greater depth. This will be an opportunity for parents to work with teachers on addressing specific academic need areas.

  4. Tests:
    Children will be tested by teachers on a regular basis to assess performance. Graded tests will be sent home with children, and test results will be shared with parents during parent-teacher meetings, as well.

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