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Student Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in both after school and extracurricular activity offerings both for their own enrichment and for enhancing the quality of their college applications. It is important for students, parents, and teachers to work together to ensure that students have support for activities but are not overwhelmed by them. Schoolwork always comes first. Activity participation is only partially student driven—an adult advisor who is either on the WHCP faculty or is a dedicated parent will be assigned when enough students are interested in pursuing an activity.


Types of activities which students may organize and engage in include (depending on student interest levels):


  • Student Government.

  • Special class trips on the weekends or in the evenings.

  • School fundraisers.

  • School Yearbook.

  • Local election campaigns.

  • A campus performance such as a Talent Show or Play.

  • Math Olympics.

  • School Literary Journal of creative writing and art.

  • Student Art Show.

  • Student Film Festival.


Field Trips


Educational trips are planned by teachers to supplement classroom experiences several times each year. Students and parents are free to suggest field trips to teachers and participate in the planning of the trips. Student participation in field trips is contingent upon good behavior and maintaining good grades.


Field trip permission slips will be sent home in advance of each trip. Students without a signed field trip slip will not be taken on the trip. Parents should expect to be asked to assist with field trips in the following capacity: assist with organizing trips, participate as drivers, and participate as chaperones. Parent participation is necessary for the success of our field trip program.


A few of the past WHCP field trip locations include:


  • Natural History Museum

  • Getty Center

  • Skirball Cultural Center

  • West Hollywood City Hall

  • Museum of Latin American Art

  • Theater outings

Student Government


Middle and High School students (6th-12th grade) at WHCP can participate as student body leaders in our Student Government. Student Government leaders host student activities and fundraisers throughout the year under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Some of the Student Government’s past activities include:


  • Bake sale to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness.

  • Halloween Potluck Party.

  • Thanksgiving Celebration & Show (organized by the older students for the younger students).

  • Bake sale to raise funds for the Lange Foundation animal shelter.

Community Service


WHCP requires its students to complete a Community Service requirement. Students in grades 9-12 must complete 100 community service hours prior to graduation. WHCP’s counselor and staff assist students in completing the requirement with lists of community service opportunities, assisting students in locating those opportunities best suited to their interests and abilities, and keeping records of the students’ participation in community service opportunities. Parental support and involvement is also necessary to ensuring that students meet their community service requirement.


Past WHCP student community service projects include:


  • Assisting at the West Hollywood Book Fair.

  • Participating in the Revlon Walk for Breast Cancer.

  • Participating in AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

  • Assisting with the West Hollywood Kids Fair.

  • Assisting with the West Hollywood Russian Culture Festival.

  • Assisting with the West Hollywood Holocaust Remembrance Day Event.

  • Fundraising for the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

Academic Counseling


In WHCP’s small school setting, teachers, counselors, and administrators team-up to motivate students to learn and be their very best. In addition to giving our students a thorough academic preparation for college, we promote such important values as responsibility, self-discipline, strong ethics, and self-respect. Proper respect for administrators, faculty, staff members, fellow students, school rules, and property of others is also emphasized. These values and standards help students to enhance their overall attitude, reach his/her full potential, and successfully survive the crucial teenage years. WHCP’s team approach encourages our students to develop their future educational goals. We assist students and keep them informed, discussing achievement, behavior, future plans, courses of study, and/or personal needs. The following is a partial listing of services available to students and parents at WHCP:


  • Register students in classes using the available information as to ability and achievement.

  • Assist students in planning a long-range academic and activity program that will prepare them for future academic training and work.

  • Counsel students and parents on developing strong study habits and a supportive home environment.

  • Provide an understanding atmosphere for discussing school and personal problems.

  • Counsel students and parents on choices of extra curricular and after school activities and proper time management.

  • Tracking student attendance and work habits with students and parents.

  • Work cooperatively if behavioral, academic, or personal challenges arise.

  • Assist students who need or are seeking additional challenges in their studies.

  • Keep a cumulative file of grades, test results, etc. on each student.

  • Provide a wholesome atmosphere conducive to learning and building mature social relationships.

  • Provide college information and guidance on choosing and applying for colleges.

  • Host a College Counseling Night for students and their parents.


We are also offering regular college counseling workshops for students and parents with professional college counselors.

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